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Hinesburg Real Estate

Chartered in 1762, Hinesburg recently celebrated its 250th anniversary, making it one of the oldest towns in Vermont. Settled comfortably against the edge of the Green Mountains, Hinesburg is a richlyforested getaway that brings the spirit of Vermont to its residents.


Hinesburg Village is home to the Hinesburg Community School, a recently-renovated K-8 facility focused on preparing students for the challenges of high school. The school’s interscholastic sports
program offers a variety of activities to keep young people engaged all year long, and its arts programs boast a choir, band, even a yearly musical production, just to name a few. Older students attend the Champlain Valley Union High School, one of the state’s larger high schools, which draws students from many neighboring towns but is conveniently located right in Hinesburg. And since Hinesburg is only fifteen minutes from Burlington, post high school students will have many options when deciding on the best university for them.

Town Life and Activities

The activities available in Hinesburg cut across many popular Vermont pastimes. Residents can enjoy swimming and a beach-side picnic on Lake Iroquois, or hike one of the many recreation trails cutting through forests and wildlife preserves. Every summer the Hinesburg Recreation Department presents the Hart & Mead Concerts in the Village Park, and the Winter Music Series brings local and regional musicians to your doorstep. Other annual events include the Winter Carnival, the Fall Harvest Festival, and the town’s Halloween party. For those fond of the links, there are three golf centers in the area, and the springtime Green Up Day is an easy way for Hinesburg residents to shake off the winter frost. In keeping with Hinesburg’s green identity, the Hinesburg Community Wind Project for many years provided power and valuable research data to help educate the public on the benefits of wind power.


Hinesburg hosts a few of Vermont’s most recognizable icons. Vermont Smoke and Cure prepares delicious savories with a home-made touch, and the Renewable NRG Systems office provides clients with innovative ways to power their homes while protecting the nature around them. Industrial opportunities can be found nestled amongst the trees, and working farms are a mainstay. In the village
one will find family restaurants, a bakery, the local town market, and other convenient amenities. And of course, residents can’t resist the Hinesburg Lions Farmers Market for local honey, pesto, and sodapop, or even some pottery, jewelry, and wooden crafts, all accompanied by live music performances. It simply doesn’t get more Vermont than this!


Hinesburg is served primarily by State Rt. 116 and Rt. 2A. Rt. 7 is just west of the town, convenient for visiting Hinesburg’s neighboring villages. Interstate 89 is a fifteen-minute drive away, offering access to the eastern extremities of New England, and the Burlington International Airport is close by as well, so even when you’re snug in the wooded comfort of Hinesburg the wide world is never far away. Hinesburg offers the pleasures of Vermont’s natural surroundings in a location that is close to everything and far from nothing. From its green initiatives, stunning forests, live music, and wellknown institutions, Hinesburg has captured the spirit of Vermont in one delightfully vibrant town.