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Colchester Real Estate

Colchester, Vermont is a town that feels like a big family. We are surrounded by community members, that are always willing to help. We’re also surrounded by the beautiful Lake Champlain that allows countless activities like our annual hockey tournament, the International Fishing Derby, sailing, and so much more.

While Colchester isn’t a city, it isn’t just miles of farm fields. Our town offers the best of both worlds. If you need to get out of the house and into the woods, you can! If you need to get out and do some shopping we’re fortunate enough to have some cute shops and restaurants within our 58.6 miles of land.


I interviewed some of my fellow students at Colchester High School-

How has Colchester education impacted you?

“Overall the education is better off than most schools. The teachers want to help you improve.”

“I have access to a little bit of everything. There’s a wide variety of options, and help is always available when needed.”

As a student what is your favorite part of our Laker community?

“Everyone in the school community knows each other creating an ample place to learn, have fun, and succeed as a student.”

“I love the school spirit and how we pack the stands of every game. It lets everyone have a sense of belonging.”

Colchester school district is made up of 5 schools. Porters Point and Union Memorial combine into Malletts Bay Elementary, till they go right next door to our Colchester Middle School which eventually leads to Colchester high-school across the street. Our school district has around 2,200 students. Colchester offers many sports (division 1 and 2), extracurricular activities like art club, choir, SJA (which is a club that’s mean to help gain equality for all and connect our schools by visiting the elementary students), our theater program puts on 3 shows every year, which are open to the public.


Colchester has many tasty restaurants. New York Pizza Oven serves delicious pizza that many students go to before or after sports games due to it’s close vicinity to the high-school. Right next-door is the locally owned Pioneer Cafe that serves excellent quality food. Rozzi’s Lakeshore Tavern is owned by our girl’s ice hockey coach, and helps fundraise for our school. Finally, the town famous Village Scoop is the best ice-cream shop in our town, in the summer it’s one of the most popular spots. We’re also the only town in Vermont to have a Costco Wholesale. Just a few minutes down the road brings you into Burlington where the infamous Church Street Marketplace lives. Many small businesses and local artisans being able to express themselves and sell their work at the Farmers Market bringing a sense of personality to the area.


Colchester is located right off Interstate 89 and only a few minutes away we have a Amtrak railroad service that can bring you into different parts of Chittenden County. Our Burlington International Airport is also just a little ways drive that supports JetBlue, Delta, Continental and other flight services.


Colchester, Vermont is a great environment for children. It’s a safe spot with many great opportunities. Our town offers summer camps that could spark an interest in anyone. Our most popular camp is our Junior Explorers. The camp is run by our own students, hired by the REC program. We also have pickleball, tennis courts, a skate park and 2 beach volleyball courts at Bayside Park thats right across from Bayside Beach. A few miles away is the most incredible place in Colchester; The Causeway. The Causeway is a 13.4 mile long path stretching across Lake Champlain, you can look to your left and right walking, running, or biking, and see the beautiful view. Visiting this extraordinary place is special no matter the time of year. In the fall you’re surrounded by the lake and mountains full of vivid oranges and reds. In the winter it’s a snowglobe and you can watch as the fisherman chop through the ice. The spring, everything becomes green again and smells of fresh air, the summer casts the most beautiful skies like they were painted.

Colchester is a great choice for new families, looking for a supportive community. We can’t wait to meet you.