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Connecting the Dots….

Connecting the Dots…

Life can throw us some unexpected threads and weave them back into your heart and memories. This story does that with one of our clients who unexpectedly found something that brought back her loved ones memory. In 1996 our clients Mother passed away unexpectedly. In the aftermath of her death some decisions were made swiftly about her possessions and things got lost in the shuffle. Fast forward to the present where an unexpected twist happened when our client was doing a real estate search online. She just by chance was browsing listings online and came upon a photo of a home where there was a lithograph painting that had once been in her own home for years and belonged to her mother. The lithograph was one of her Mothers favorite pieces and was still in the same frame and matted identically from when she was a child. It was a lost connection to her mom and she realized she needed to find that lithograph and return it to her family.

Luckily this is where we came into play, our client had an established and close relationship with her realtor, Rich Gardner. She reached out to him to see if he could help her contact the owners and connect her to that painting. After some conversations with the other agents involved and the sellers of the home, Rich worked his magic and was able to connect the dots. Our client successfully got back a little piece of her history with her Mom. She and her family were so grateful to Rich. It just comes to show, you never know what will pop up and how important the relationships you make with your realtor can become a lasting connection.

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