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Category: Buying a Home

    Three Ways to Win in a Bidding War

    By The Gardner Group | September 2, 2020

    With so few houses for sale today and low mortgage rates driving buyer activity, bidding wars are becoming more common. Multiple-offer scenarios are heating up, so it’s important to get pre-approved before you start your search. This way, you can put your best foot forward – quickly and efficiently – if you’re planning to buy a home this season.... Read More

    Mortgage Rates By Decade: 1970 to 2020

    By The Gardner Group | August 17, 2020

    Today, the housing market in Vermont is on fire. Mortgage rates are at their lowest while the demand for housing is at its highest. Let’s take a look at just how things have fluctuated over the years, since 1970, in both mortgage rates and average monthly payments for a $300,000 home. *This infographic was created... Read More

    Mortgage Rates Hit Record Lows for Three Consecutive Weeks

    By The Gardner Group | July 15, 2020

    Over the past several weeks, Freddie Mac has reported the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate dropping to record lows, all the way down to 3.03%. Last week’s reported rate reached the lowest point in the history of the survey, which dates back to 1971 (See graph below): What does this mean for buyers? This is huge for homebuyers. Those... Read More

    What Are the Experts Saying About Future Home Prices?

    By The Gardner Group | June 23, 2020

    A worldwide pandemic and an economic recession have had a tremendous effect on the nation. The uncertainty brought about by both has made predicting consumer behavior nearly impossible. For that reason, forecasting home prices have become extremely difficult. Normally, there’s a simple formula to determine the future price of any item: calculate the supply of... Read More

    Buying a Home Right Now: Easy? No. Smart? Yes.

    By The Gardner Group | May 4, 2020

    Through all the volatility in the economy right now, some have put their search for a home on hold, yet others have not. According to ShowingTime, the real estate industry’s leading showing management technology provider, buyers have started to reappear over the last several weeks. In the latest report, they revealed: “The March ShowingTime Showing Index® recorded... Read More

    How Owning a Home Affects Your Net Worth

    By The Gardner Group | April 27, 2020

    Many people plan to build their net worth by buying CDs or stocks, or just having a savings account. Recently, however, Economist Jonathan Eggleston and Survey Statistician Donald Hays, both of the U.S. Census Bureau, shared the biggest determinants of wealth, “The biggest determinants of household wealth [are] owning a home and having a retirement account.” (Shown in the graph below): This does... Read More

    What Credit Score Do You Really Need to Qualify for a Mortgage?

    By The Gardner Group | April 20, 2020

    While a recent announcement from CNBC shares that the average national FICO® score has reached an all-time high of 706, the good news for potential buyers is that you don’t need a score that high to qualify for a mortgage. Let’s unpack the credit score myth so you can to become a homeowner sooner than you may think.... Read More

    How Your Daily Starbucks Latte Adds Up to the Down Payment on a Home

    By The Gardner Group | April 13, 2020

    Some Highlights: The summertime latte is launching soon, so you may be tempted to spend your extra cash on a daily caffeine fix, but that small expense can add up to a big number – fast! Saving for a down payment takes a little discipline, so limiting your extra purchases (like a latte a day... Read More

    The Cost of Renting vs. Buying a Home

    By The Gardner Group | April 6, 2020

    Some Highlights: Historically, the choice between renting and buying a home has been a tough decision. Looking at the percentage of income needed to rent a median-priced home today (27.7%) vs. the percentage needed to buy a median-priced home (17.5%), the choice is clear. Every market is different. Before you renew your lease, find out if you... Read More

    Checklist: Preparing to Buy a Home

    By The Gardner Group | March 30, 2020

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